Since May 29 when I clicked ‘send’ on my CUSO International volunteer application I’ve been a little more surreptitious than I prefer to be, wading through the CUSO International volunteer recruitment process that will allow me to take a big leap forward toward my dream life. And then on August 1 I got the word – on September 18 I leave for Kingston Jamaica for 6 months. I will be working, living with strangers, sharing my skills, growing in ways I can’t even imagine, and sharing experiences for which I currently have no language.

My first visit to our nation’s capital – all just part of the process.

In this space, in between “OMG THIS IS MY LIFE!” posts and sharing what I’m learning, I’ll reflect back over the 3 1/2 months of preparation, the journey before the journey, and what other potential volunteers with CUSO can potentially expect (recognizing that every volunteer’s journey will be unique).

I might cry a little. I expect I’ll laugh a lot. I’ll post a video or a playlist now and then. Who knows – I don’t know what life will really look like, so I don’t know what I’ll report, but this is where I’ll do it. I won’t abandon my old blog completely – it’ll keep on slogging along full or book reviews and navel gazing. But this is a new space for a new phase of life.

I am under no delusions that it will be easy. The dream isn’t of an easy life – the dream is of a difference-making life of adventure. Even the preparations haven’t been easy, and I’m just getting going. The process thus far has been challenging. And I’ve loved nearly every minute of it!