Tomorrow is my last day at the job I’ve held for 4 years, 2 months, and 8 days. It’s been a demanding, rewarding, stretching, growing, roller coaster of a time here. Some of that is due to the job, and some of that is due to coincidental things happening in life – kid stress, relationship stress, self stress. It has been a roller coaster. But, like all roller coasters, it was feeling like I was going around and around in the same circles.

All of a sudden I’m off the roller coaster and tumbling through the air. The assessment and selection process, the training, the preparations. Ending a job and a relationship. Being a guest in my own home. No sons or pets to take care of.

I started journaling the day I applied, couldn’t wait for the final word so I could start this blog, and then … crickets. Or perhaps overwhelm.  I wonder how long this Alice-in-Wonderland feeling will last. Until I board the plane? Until I see my apartment? Until I start my work in Kingston? Or will it ebb and flow throughout the 5 months I will be in Jamaica?

The thing about falling down rabbit holes is, you never know who you will meet down there. Perhaps even yourself.

A life of curiosity will take you to some interesting places.