It’s like stepping outside into a gentle sauna – not hot enough to steal your breath, but a combination of heat and humidity that is somehow both surprising and familiar; both comforting and on the edge of too much. That was my first thought leaving my air conditioned office this afternoon to explore my ‘new’ work environs. After 2 weeks in the hinterland of a satellite office, today I was finally downtown.

As on nearly every street corner in Kingston there are vendors outside our building. Actually, just one vendor here selling the most magnificent ornamental fish. Lovely big calico koi in just enough water to keep them ready for sale. If we had a pond I’d bring one home; I doubt the neigh

Lunch must be had – jerk chicken, of course – before I walk as slowly as I can back along the water front. Somehow, just crossing Ocean Boulevard feels like leaving the city. People told me Kingston doesn’t really have a waterfront. People were wrong.

There are gulls, there are waves, there are shipping boats taking the magic of Jamaica who knows where, and always there is the breeze, the open space, the shade from the coconut palms. There is the stall with the candies and cold beer. That’s my clue to turn back into town.

Tomorrow, another adventure. A different route. Not all adventures are measured in months and years. Some are only as long as a lunch break.