Tomorrow morning, Christmas Eve morning, I’ll be rising early, catching the Knutsford Express, and meeting my youngest son in Montego Bay. I’m more excited than you can imagine – I haven’t seen him for 3 months, which is approximately 2 months longer than I’ve gone without seeing him since he was born 22 1/2 years ago. I’m also incredibly relieved and grateful that I won’t be spending Christmas alone.

I don’t imagine – though I may be wrong – that I’ll be spending a whole lot of time online for the next few days. There will undoubtedly be a blog post coming about the wonderful oddity of a tropical Christmas. There may be a second one just about my first experience of Montego Bay.

In the meantime, a little Christmas e-postcard for you all, and my heart-filled thanks to every one – at home and here in Jamaica – who has helped me feel the Christmas spirit already. Have a truly magical Christmas, a restful time that is exactly what you need, and loads of joy, laughter and connection. 🙂