I moved again this weekend. I still live in the same town, but I live in a different part of the city. Well, there’s more to it than that, but maybe I’ll get to that later. This was not my first Canada Day move. In fact, when I first moved to this fair city it was on Canada Day 16 years ago. In that time I have had now 7 different addresses, as well as my 2 addresses in Jamaica. Considering that I lived in one of these places for 7 years, that’s a lot of instability for bursts of time.

In fact, this current address is only temporary. I am subletting a lovely furnished condo and moved in only my clothes, linens and food. Everything else has gone into storage. In many ways this move reminds me of Jamaica – bringing with me only what is essential for me to work, play and live in a space, travelling light(ish) and appreciating the space as it has been filled by someone else.

It also reminds me of Jamaica in its temporaryness. The length of time I can use this condo is almost exactly the same as the length of time I was in Jamaica. I was only in my last place (affectionately called “the treehouse”) 14 months, and had only been home from Jamaica 13 months when I left my previously happy little house.

We’ve also moved this month at my new job. The day after I started work we began packing and sorting and by the end of the week we were in new offices. Temporary offices. Offices we will likely only be in slightly longer than I’ll be in this condo.

My co-worker asked me “what do you have going on about not settling down?” – or something to that effect. I have to wonder what the answer to that question is. Am I really so enamoured of being on the move that I can’t find stable ground to stand on for a while?

There’s another lesson here, though. Or more of a reminder than an actual lesson. In Jamaica, particularly in my second home which was a perfectly functioning bachelor suite, I was as satisfied as I’ve been in any home, and more so than I’ve been in many. I didn’t have a TV or a yard. I didn’t have secure parking (or a car for that matter) or in-suite laundry. My couch was lawn furniture, and I mostly read in bed. And I loved that space. I revelled in the ‘all-mine-ness’ of it. I thrilled at having a place for everything and everything in its place. Not worrying about “stuff” and living in a space as is was incredibly freeing.

It will take me some days to figure out where my stuff fits in this new place. I have a lot of shoes and clothes for a place with not a lot of storage. But once I do – once I have that clarity of how this space works, I think I’m really going to like it here.

But even more, I think I’d like to not be on the move for a while. After this, I’d really like to stay still. To focus more fully on learning my new job. To have adventures of choice not continual upheaval.

I didn’t want to come home from Jamaica and it has taken me a long time to feel like my life is here in Victoria. But it is. For now, at least, this is where I belong. Maybe realising that will help me find a home to last.