Thank-You-In-SandAs part of their journey with CUSO International volunteers are asked to commit to fundraising $2000 to help sustain CUSO’s vital work and to enable them to send more volunteers, like myself, on a regular and strategic basis.

Obviously, all of this takes a lot of money for CUSO and (to a lesser degree) for the volunteers. Any donation you can provide will make a difference.

Donations to CUSO are income tax deductible for Canadians. As well, the government of Canada so respects the work of CUSO that they will match your donation very generously (so generously, in fact, that we’re asked not to post the rate publicly, but I’d be happy to tell you via email). Basically, the government match means that the $2,000 we raise together will fully fund the placement of another volunteer. My CUSO fundraising page and more info about my placement can be viewed here:

CUSO’s philosophy is that volunteering shouldn’t cost money, but that you also shouldn’t profit from it. They do a thorough job of covering basic volunteer costs, and yet there are some out of pocket costs to being a CUSO volunteer. For those who are so moved, I’m asking you to consider contributing to my personal costs. Donations through this link are not tax-deductible. They are not matched by the government, but they will make a huge difference to the resources I take with me, and to my ability to make a difference in Kingston. To contribute towards my expenses, please give here:

Even having worked in fundraising for the past four years, it’s an awkward thing for me to ask my loved ones for money to support my dream. Thank you for even reading the appeal. There are many forms of support. Whether you give here, or send me messages from home, or Skype with me, or come to visit, know that I feel your support in every possible way.